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Child Care Providers


Scioto County Job and Family Services publicly funded child care covers part of the cost of child care for eligible low and moderate income families. In order for a provider to care for children of families receiving publicly funded child care, the provider must be licensed by the state.

How To Become A Provider?

In Ohio, you need a license in order to provide child care for children who are eligible for Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC).  If you would like to provide care for PFCC-eligible children (no more than 6) from your home, you must become a licensed Child Care Provider.


Applications to become a Child Care Provider in the State of Ohio are submitted to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).  Complete applications are forwarded to the county of residence for processing and licensing recommendation.   There is a non-refundable application fee of $25.00.  This application fee has been reduced from $250.00.

To apply to be a Child Care Provider, contact the Child Care Policy Help Desk at 1-877-302-2347, option 4.  A fillable application will be sent to you with further instructions. 


Financial assistance for eligible parents to help them with child care costs while they engage in work, education, or job training.


Social Services, Child Care, Healthchek, Pregnancy Related Services, Child Care Providers, and Non-Emergency Transportation (NET)

  • Call 740-354-6661, Option 1

  • Email Verifications:  or Fax 740-354-3351

  • Mail information to:  SCDJFS, P.O. Box 1347, Portsmouth, OH 45662

  • Use the Drop Box located in front of the agency to drop off documents 24/7/365

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