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Scioto County JFS Launches New Website and Facebook Page

Scioto County JFS is excited to launch a brand new website and Facebook page.

Understanding the importance of social media and being able to communicate with the public in an expedient manner, is something that Scioto County JFS has not had the ability to do in the past.

It is clear that the use of websites and social media outlets have become an essential part of communicating and something Scioto County JFS is excited about starting.

One of the significant lessons learned during the pandemic when the JFS lobby closed to the

public, was the need to quickly communicate with the clientele to spread the word of the

changes that were taking place.

During that time, Scioto County JFS moved rapidly to make sure services were being provided, while moving 70% of the staff to work from home.

While the transition to remote working was successful, having a website and facebook page during that time would have been very helpful to share the information faster.

As a result of receiving CARES ACT funding, Scioto County JFS was able to hire a web designer to create a platform for the agency to enter into the website and social media worlds.

Appalachian Marketing and Media, a local business, was selected in the bid process and began designing and developing these sites.

Building a website from scratch was very challenging and time consuming.

While the website is now operational, it is still considered a “work-in-progress” and Scioto County JFS will continue to add features, functionality and information for clientele to use.

All major program areas are featured on the website including: Cash Assistance, Food Assistance, Medical Assistance, Child Support Enforcement Agency, Social Services, Adult Protective Services, Child Care for Parents and Caregivers, Child Care Providers, and Fraud.

There is also a Forms section that will allow clients to download and submit certain information online.

This feature is still being developed, as well as many others that will provide convenience to clients who choose to use it.

The newest components on the website include a Job Postings page that will announce any

current vacancies with instructions on how to apply, and a News and Events page that will feature various articles on outreach efforts, awareness days, and special program offers.

To see the new website, visit and “Like” us on Facebook at “Scioto County Job and Family Services.”


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