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Child Support Enforcement Agency

Toll Free:  1-800-354-6377

Fax:  740-354-3351

The Scioto County Child Support Enforcement Agency is committed to providing quality services for your child including:

  • Establishing Paternity 

  • Location Services

  • Establishing and Enforcing Child Support and Medical Orders

  • Review and Adjustment of Child Support Orders

  • Monitoring Collections and Disbursements of Support Obligations

  • Case Management of Family Support Orders


We strive to help you obtain your child support needs. 


Once your case is registered with the Scioto County CSEA, an Investigator is assigned to your case.  You may contact your Investigator between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  

CSEA Mission Statement

To provide children with financial and medical support for non-residential parents in accordance with the parents’ means.  To do so in an atmosphere which enhances non-residential parents’ sense of responsibility to their children.  To understand that child support is not just a question of dollars and cents but involves the emotions of personal and intimate relationships.

Parenting Is A Partnership

Children benefit when both parents work together to take care of their children’s emotional and financial needs.  This is true even when the parents are not married to one another.  Children have the right to receive support from both parents.  They do not lose this right even if their parents divorce or never marry.  Parents must work together with the children’s best interest in mind to get the children all of the financial, medical and other benefits they are due.

Family Time

Child Support Structure

  • Federal program under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act

  • State supervised by the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS)

  • County administered through the Scioto County Department of Job & Family Services

  • Ohio’s CSEAs state-wide collected $1.86 billion dollars in current child support in 2020

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Child Support Program Focus and Goals

To increase regular, consistent support for children by:

  • Engaging both parents from the beginning

  • Utilizing technology to reach families

  • Setting and modifying orders based on ability to pay

  • Linking with Ohio Means Jobs and other employment services

  • Coordinating with other programs

  • Addressing domestic violence concerns

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Child Support-The Basics

  • All actions begin with a IV-D application.  The IV-D application may be obtained by calling the CSEA at 740-355-8909.

  • Determination of Paternity is the first concern after an IV-D application has been received by the CSEA.

  • If Paternity needs to be established, the CSEA will proceed with the necessary steps to facilitate genetic testing.

  • If paternity has already been established (by either the signing of the Affidavit of Paternity or by Genetic Testing), the case will be referred for Child Support and Medical Support establishment.

  • Once an Order of Support has been established, the case will be ready for Enforcement of the Order.

  • A Child Support Investigator/Case Manager will begin all manner of enforcement authorized and/or required to facilitate receiving payment to the order.

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The CSEA enforces all Child Support orders received from the Scioto County Domestic Relations Court and the Scioto County Juvenile Court

  • Establish Paternity of the child

  • Establish and Enforce orders of child and health support

  • Initiate court action against a parent that fails to pay ordered child or medical support

  • Intercept income tax refunds of parents who have failed to pay the orders of support

  • Freeze and Seize bank accounts of parents who fail to pay orders of support

  • Notify the credit bureau of parents failure to pay orders of support

  • Recommend revocation of drivers license professional and recreational licenses of parent who fails to pay orders of support

  • Place administrative liens on property of parent who fails to pay orders of support

  • Revoke passport of parent who fails to pay orders of support

  • Request other states to enforce Ohio orders of support for parents who live out of state​​​

  • Request the court order of an unemployed parent who is ordered to pay support to seek employment

  • Enforce and Modify orders of child support

  • Locate addresses and employers of parents who are ordered to pay support

  • Issue wage assignment notices to employers, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, government benefits, pensions, or unemployment benefits to have support automatically taken from income

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